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Music Projects 2017

News 28.08.2017, 09:00

Music engraving for technically advanced and complex keyboard projects, composition and MIDI sequencing/mastering techniques used for the production of new music PreSonus 'Notion', iPhone app. with DAW 'Studio One 3 Prime', iMac app. and Sibelius 8 notation software projects Aural training, harmonic vocabulary and analytical perception studies Music dictation, sight-reading and transcription work Apps using the iPad & iPhone - 'Piano Adventures' & 'Tonara' etc. ...


Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)

News 16.08.2017, 16:54

Advanced actualization and rendering of J. S. Bach works for leisure playing; incorporating further extended counterpoint and realized harmonic extemporisation studies at the piano.  A Bach groove - developing progressive jazz idiom and improvisation over the original chord layouts/progressions played in a swing piano and boogie-woogie style and the playing of 'Preludes and Fugues' from the 48 collection with specific reference being made to interpretation principles. Wachet Auf Bach's ...