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Comprehensive & Inspirational Music Tuition
Arthur Meek

Professional music and keyboard/piano tuition, original music composition and orchestration, confident musical performance and a comprehensive, progressive, instruction in the theory of music. Specialist masterclasses tailored to suit each individuals' musical needs and technical requirements. Covering a thorough and practical pianistic pedagogy for all serious keyboard/piano students.

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Christian Sinding 'Rustle Of Spring'

News 24.03.2017

A beautiful piece of piano music for advanced piano students' study - an excellent performance piece that is very descriptive of the season. This piece encourages high velocity and octave-playing technique for most serious students.

Muzio Clementi (1752 - 1832)

News 02.02.2017

Extemporization and improvisation work carried out spontaneously at the piano - developing confident, on the fly, renditions of familiar melodies and extended chord layouts. Maintaining a balanced and structured well disciplined adherence to the form ...

Johann Sebastian Bach (1685 - 1750)

News 15.01.2017

Advanced actualization and rendering of J. S. Bach works for leisure playing; incorporating further extended counterpoint and realized harmonic extemporisation studies at the piano. A Bach groove - developing progressive jazz idiom and improvisation ...